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3 Steps to Creating Social Networks

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013
3 Steps to Creating Social Networks

I’d just finished writing a social media strategy for a rather large healthcare company when my client asked: how are we going to implement this?

One step at a time.

A week later I think we have a solid plan for launching the network, first with employees, then with their customers and prospects. While developing those tactics I’ve come to a few conclusions—three to be exact.

  1. Promote the network. If you build it, will anyone show? Not unless you publicize it. Actively connect to, follow or like the key opinion leaders and media in your industry. And don’t rule out help from the other marketing disciplines—media planning, web development, public relations and direct marketing. Depending on your industry, an integrated, balanced campaign can drive traffic more effectively than an all-digital approach.
  2. Create your own content. Once you’ve attracted an audience you’ll need to work to keep visitors engaged. Providing original content, and allowing visitors to add their own material, will give them a reason to return.
  3. Measure the results. Whether you’re working with for-profit or non-profit organizations, buy-in is essential. Senior management looks for progress over time. Define realistic metrics and deliver them.

Jeff Widmer is a PR and social media strategist.

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Media extend reach through expanded tweets

Thursday, June 14th, 2012
Media extend reach through expanded tweets

Starting this week you can read snippets of articles or watch moments from TV shows like BET’s 106 & Park, all from inside a tweet, as the world’s leading micro-blogger attempts to monetize its service.

In a blog post Twitter said it is expanding the offering to help users discover new content. Chances are good that the goal is to expand the reach of media partners into the Twitterverse in a way that’s less intrusive than advertising. Twitter augmented the initiative with partners like Lifetime, Dailymotion, The New York Times, Der Spiegel online and audio provider Soundcloud. Twitter did not disclose details of compensation by its media partners.

When users expand a tweet containing a news article they’ll see a headline, introduction and sometimes the Twitter accounts of the publisher and writer. The feature basically works as a preview function similar to that found on Google search pages. Users can then read the article, follow the account, reply, favorite or retweet.

Twitter had offered expanded tweets from YouTube and Instagram. This week’s announcement brings bigger media players into the picture. Or the tweet.

– Jeff Widmer

The check is in the post

Monday, April 9th, 2012
The check is in the post

Starting a business? Start it right on social networks.

With earned publicity increasingly hard to find and start-up ad budgets small, social media looks like a sure-fire way to promote a business on the cheap. Social networks can help new owners build their trade but the model is different from the top-down, broadcast marketing of traditional media. And while many sites are free to join, the time and effort you’ll need could run up your costs.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Sarah Needleman interviewed a few start-up owners for their take on using social media. Their conclusions?

  • Join social networking sites as a consumer first.
  • Get familiar with the tenor of the conversation on each site.
  • Secure your business name on the sites in which you’re interested.
  • Make sure your business is fully functioning before joining.
  • Talk with visitors, friends and followers rather than at them.
  • Engage your audience with contests, surveys and social offers.

One more tip that wasn’t in the article: don’t ignore traditional media and methods. While a press release isn’t the same as a conversation it could start one.

The new Face(book) of marketing

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
The new Face(book) of marketing

If you’re a creative who wants to market your work, comScore knows where to find your audience. They’re on Facebook.

Social media continues to attract more viewers and advertisers, according to comScore’s report “The 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review.” Nine out of every 10 U.S. Internet users visits a social networking site every month, accounting for 12% of all time spent online in 2010, the digital measurement firm reports in the whitepaper. Facebook leads the pack of sites that receive that traffic with nearly 154 million unique visitors last year.

Advertisers have followed, serving up 4.9 trillion display ads, an increase of 23% over 2009. Social networking publishers delivered 34% of those ads, up 11% over the previous year.

Creatives interested in marketing their work on a shoestring might want to follow the trend. As they say on Wall Street, don’t fight the tape.

comScore SM usage graph TBB

Libraries to present book, author expo July 10

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
Libraries to present book, author expo July 10

The Associated Libraries of Monroe County will present Monroe County Book Expo on Saturday, July 10, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Eastern Monroe Public Library in Stroudsburg, PA. The event will showcase the published works of Monroe County residents. It also strives to encourage aspiring writers and support the exchange of ideas about the creative process and the publishing business.

The expo will offer two feature presentations: a morning panel of authors and bloggers focused on helping writers get their work published and noticed and an afternoon discussion by Michael Ventrella on “The Pitfalls of Self-Publishing.”

EMPL branchParticipating authors must live or own property in Monroe County. They will be offered a space that measures about 36”x36” in exchange for each donated copy of one of their published works to be shared among the public libraries in the county. Authors will be able to sell copies of their publications, meet and greet readers and network with their fellow writers. Authors are responsible for the display, stock, financial transactions and any applicable taxes on the sale of their works.

Authors are required to register in advance for the event. Registration forms are available at each of the participating libraries: Barrett-Paradise Friendly Library, Clymer Library, Eastern Monroe Public Library (including Pocono and Smithfields branch locations), Pocono Mountain Public Library and Western Pocono Community Library. The form is also available online.

For more information, call your local library or Barbara Keiser at EMPL, (570) 421-0800, x13.

Rethinking social media

Thursday, May 6th, 2010
Rethinking social media

MegaphoneThere’s a decent article over at PRSA on how companies can more effectively use social media to promote their business.

Yes, it says the usual things but author Anthony Rotolo makes a point worth repeating: social networks aren’t broadcast media. They’re about conversation. You don’t push a message, or a product. You create a dialog with clients and customers. You help them solve problems. You ask them for advice. And you use that feedback to make your products and services more useful.

Seems like something worth shouting about.

Are you writing or wasting time?

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
Are you writing or wasting time?

“You can’t buy attention anymore.” Alex Bogusky, co-chairman of Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Dell has sold $3 million worth of computers on Twitter. Lenovo cut call center activity by 20% by directing customers to a community website for answers. Retweets supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure resulted in 11,000 visitors to the Atlanta Chapter’s website.

What works in the business world can also work in the literary world. Writers who want to promote their careers might take a tip from Socialnomics author Erik Qualman, who supplied those stats, and makes the case for using social media to drive engagement and sales, in this video.